Zirtual Consultant

Powell, Ohio, United States


Zirtual provides a highly-trained, US-based virtual workforce to assist entrepreneurs and businesses. With rapidly changing technology, expanded boundaries of service and operating costs on the rise, staffing has become huge issue for growing businesses worldwide. This is where we come in. At Zirtual, we provide businesses with a highly trained, US based virtual workforce. Our clients only pay for hours "worked", select the area of expertise, and customize hours of operations. Our clients range from Uber to Stanford University.

On any given month, hundreds of folks visit our site looking to learn more about our services. As a Zirtual consultant, you will be responsible for assessing the needs of these potential users and recommending the right service to meet their needs. Communication is primarily via phone and email.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


Desired Skills and Attributes:




Compensation varies greatly based on the experience of the candidate and the work assigned. We understand market rates well, so we are certainly competitive.


Every person in our company owns a piece of the company. A signing bonus in stock will be made available so that you are a part of the company from Day 1.


We offer medical, dental, and vision coverage. We need you healthy to do your best work.


We don’t track vacation. If you need time off, take it. We’re easy like that.

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