About Startups.co

Startups.com is the world’s largest startup launch platform, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs every day. Whether a founder has an idea scrawled on a cocktail napkin or is looking to raise a Series A round of funding, we help them reach their goals. We’re looking for people who are as passionate as we are about achieving our mission of helping a million startups.


The best thing about our company is our culture. Not the lame Hawaiian-shirts-on-Fridays “culture” that comes with a name badge and a cubicle.

The easiest way to explain our culture is to tell you what life is like here. When you visit our office—a modern, airy open-concept building nestled into the forest on a hill above a pond—this is what you’ll find.

The People

We look forward to coming into the office each day, because we work among friends. No cliques or politics here—just a bunch of energetic, smart people working at a job they love. Sometimes local entrepreneurs will drop by to co-work at an open desk, just to get motivated by our collective energy.

The Pride

We get to spend all day every day helping over a million entrepreneurs create great products and companies. We are building the tools that help founders pursue their dreams. With every success, we get to see the benefit of that effort, whether it’s an idea being launched, a company being funded or a product going to market. Knowing that we are a part of that journey makes getting out of bed in the morning much, much easier.

The Balance

We’re tireless about inventing the future for entrepreneurs, but we aren’t stopping there. We also want to change how the workplace itself evolves.

“Work/life balance” is a topic that gets a lot of buzz these days, but here at Startups.com we’re serious about striking that balance. Every Friday afternoon we have an office-wide “happy hour” to discuss the gains made during the week in each department—and to crack open a beer and share weekend plans. Sometimes a few spouses and kids will come hang out, too.

The same is true for our impromptu lunchtime cookouts out on the patio—if we’re grilling up a couple dozen burgers and brats, why not invite a few more people to enjoy the sunshine?

We decided we hated having to drive to work every single day, so now we all work from home every Wednesday. You’ll never have to drive to work more than two days in a row—ever.

The Drive

Of course, there’s a flip side to all of this. We take advantage of opportunities to reconnect and play together because most of the time, we’re working our asses off. 10-hour days are not unusual. Unexpected deadlines and their requisite emergency meetings willcrop up and turn your calendar upside down. We’re in a very competitive industry, so the stakes are high. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, it’s satisfying—but it can be exhausting, too. You will be expected to adapt and reinvent yourself a dozen times over as you grow with the company.

We make our culture what we want it to be. Chances are, if you’ve gotten this far and you want to be a part of all of this, then you’re our kind of people.


At Startups.com we have a simple mission: help anyone become a founder. More specifically, we want to empower people who want to pursue their own passions and their own direction. We believe we are witnessing the greatest transformation toward entrepreneurship in history and we are putting ourselves at the forefront that of that revolution.

We build content, tools and services specifically toward helping founders get their ideas out of their heads into the world. We help founders find funding, access mentors, attract early customers and we even pitch in to help drive the business forward.

The Startups.com platform is actually a number of products all under the Startups brand, including Zirtual, Launchrock, Fundable, and Clarity, among others. Each product we build, and those that we still have yet to create, is geared toward being one of the greatest catalysts of entrepreneurial innovation in history.

So yeah, we’re pretty mission driven.

Here are just a few stats showing that we’re well on our way to achieving our mission:

  • Each month, over 15,000 startups join the Startups.com platform.
  • Over $200,000,000 in funding commitments have been made onFundable.
  • Over 16,000,000 have followed a company on Launchrock.
  • Every 90 seconds, a new call is placed with an expert in the Claritynetwork.
  • Last year alone, Zirtual saved founders a total of 359,000 hours, freeing up their time to focus on what matters: building their businesses.

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